Linux Desktop Computer

$213 by computerbob777 in Diamond, May 22
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Linux Desktop Computer in Morris

For Sale: Linux Manjaro Desktop $213

Is this you? You know Bob, all I do with a computer is Facebook, email, web apps, and order stuff from Amazon and eBay. I do want an Office Suite and I want to play music, movies, and games. I don't run Quickbooks or Office 365. My computer runs slow. I don't know if my anti-virus database is up to date or not. File fragmentation and registry errors do not concern me. I just want the thing to work every time I turn it on. Is that too much to ask?

Linux is the most secure of all the operating systems and it's really easy to use. You don't have viruses, registry errors, file fragmentation, slow downs, or crashes. Linux just works and it doesn't spy on you. If you don't use any proprietary expensive software, this is perfect for you.

Case: Dell OptiPlex 790 MT
OS: Linux Manjaro Cinnamon 64bit MBR
CPU: Intel i3-2100 3.10GHz/3M skt 1155
Ram: 4GB RAM DDR3-1333 dual ch
SSD: Mushkin 120GB SSD
HDD: Seagate 500GB
Optical Drive: dvd-rw
Video: Integrated VGA 1366x768
Video: Integrated Display Port 1920x1080
LAN: wired
USB: 4F, 6R

This is a modified refurb. The new SSD is very fast and has no moving parts to wear out.

Linux has been evolving since 8-25-91. This open source tech runs the internet, chromebooks, android phones, and all your smart devices. Manjaro is a rolling release which means you don't have to install a newer operating system every few years: There's no expiration date. Most devices are plug and play (drivers included). Daily updates cover all installed applications. Linux checks the SMART data on drives to alert you to any drive problems. Computers should be a joy to use, not an endless and costly headache. If you're disillusioned with the proprietary systems designed for public use, then it's time to step up. Open Source implies rapid evolution and improvement of code due to free access. There's no registration and no licensing either; you don't need permission to use a Linux system on your computer. All software and updates are free.

Call Bob at 630-861-9672 in Diamond, IL, 20 min S of I80 and I55
Sale includes hands on instruction, as long and as often as you need.
Terms: Local only, no shipping, cash, continuing tech support
It's OK to call 24-7 and leave a message if I can't pick up.
Retired Tech - Home Lab - Computer Builder - Herbalist
23 yrs with PCs - 35 yrs Electronics Technician

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